NOFA Foundation Biomedical Challenge

October 2, 2015

This Challenge will require each Resident Team to develop a product or solution to a current problem (medical, clinical or surgical) and present it to the Program & Foundation Faculty and colleagues. Each Team will have 15 minutes to present their idea to the group. 

Presentations should include:

  • Description of the problem to be solved. What is the problem you have solved? What is the market and/or industry need that you intend to address?
  • Project objective statement. How does your team intend to address the problem? How does your final design solve the problem?
  • Documentation and Prototype of the final design. Paste graphical representations and photographs if easier or more appropriate.
  • Proof that the design is functional and will solve the problem. (i.e. test data, market research, clinical or pre-clinical trials, etc)
  • Results of a patent search and/or search for prior art, assessment and patentability. A good patent resource for this search is Regarding marketplace competition, what is currently being used to solve the problem and/or what are the anticipated alternate methods that could be in competition with you in the future?
  • Potential market and impact. Define the potential market size, selling price, and distribution channels. Who would your customers be (i.e., who will be purchasing the product) and who would the end users be (i.e., who would be using the product). If possible, quantify the number of potential users and the potential impact the product could have (# of people who would benefit from use, etc.) Who or what is your competition? What are alternate methods of solving the problem or anticipated methods that could be in competition with you in the future?

Judging Criteria:

  • Product need and market potential – How well does the Team describe and document the requirements and the potential market for the device they have designed.
  • Device description – How well does the team describe their solution to the design problem? Does the product satisfy the specific customer requirements and a demonstrated market need in a unique way? Is the concept novel and patentable? If so, has it already been submitted for protection or are there plans to do so?
  • Device performance – How well does the team demonstrate the actual performance of the product? How well does the team describe the product performance compared to stated requirements and predicted capabilities? How well has the team identified limitations in the design and proposed solutions?
  • Presentation clarity and style – Is the design project clearly delivered and the presentation made in a professional manner? Does the presenter do a good job answering questions? Are the slides clear and free of grammatical and spelling errors and the concepts and ideas convey.